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LaserInspect™ CIMO4

* Alles-in-één bedieningspaneel voor de LaserGas™-familie
* Slank kleurenaanraakscherm
* 15-inch met smalle randenLaserInspect™ CIMO4

NEO Monitors’ LaserInspect™ CIMO4 gives the operator the opportunity to remotely operate up to 4 LaserGas™ analyzers from the same display*. The operator have full status overview in an instance of all instruments and is able to perform maintenance tasks directly from the panel. This HMI is designed for the NEO Monitors LaserGas™ family and can easily be integrated into a cabinet.

RoHS Compliant

ATEX Approved
II 3 G Ex ic nA IIC T4 Gc
II 3 D Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc
EN 60079-0, -11, -15, -31

IECEx Approved
Ex ic nA IIC T4 Gc
Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc
IECEx UL 15.0035X
IEC 60079-0, -11, -15, -31

CE Approved
EN 61326-1 Immunity to industrial locations emission CISPR 11 Class A
IEC/EN 61010-1

UL Approved
cULus listed for ordinary location: File #E302106
UL 61010-1, -2-201
cULus listed for hazardous location: File #E317425

Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D
Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G
Class III, Division 2
ANSI/ISA 12.12.01, C22.2 No. 213-M1987, 157-92

Type 4X IP66 enclosure rating (face only) ABS type approval for shipboard applications

* Separate Ethernet switch is required to operate multiple analyzers


Datasheet-LaserInspect-CIMO4 Datasheet-LaserInspect-CIMO4

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