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Kwik (Hg) analysers

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Process Analyzer PA-2

On-line Determination of Mercury in Aqueous Solutions 

Mercury Monitoring System

for Chlorine Plants and other Mercury-using facilities
Measuring mercury vapor at multiple sampling points  

Mercury VM-3000

Continu meting van de Hg-concentratie in gassen, in laborato- ria, industrie en mo- biele toepassingen. 

Mercury UT3000

Compact, betrouwbaar en uiterst gevoelig voor kwikmetingen in gassen.  

Mercury Stack Monitor SM-3

Continious emission monitor (CEM) for mercury 

Mecury MC-3000

The MC-3000 is used for generating a continuous stream of a mercury vapor loaded gas stream in order to check or calibrate mercury analyzers. It is also suitable for all those applications where a gas stream with a preset and constant mercury concentration is needed.  

AULA 254

The AULA 254 is used for fully automatic determination of mercury traces in a wide variety of samples. 

Lab Analyzer 254

The LabAnalyzer 254 is used for quantitative determination of mercury in aqueous samples and sample digestions.  

Ankersmid engineert, levert en pleegt service aan analyse apparatuur, tot complete CEM systemen en proces systemen in bijbehorende analysehuizen. Zij worden gebruikt in de industriële procestechniek, laboratoria, luchtmacht, staltechnieken en biogas installaties

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